PAPANASI – Romanian dumplings with cheese


I know that you’re drooling at the photo below, so let me get down to the business of describing what these tasty-looking fellows are.

They are called papanasi and are a famous Romanian dessert. The dough is mixed with a soft creamy cheese, similar to ricotta. It is then deep-fried or boiled ,left like this or  holed in the middle and stuffed with  marmalade or jam. It is served hot with a side of sour cream(if they are stuffed) or marmalade of any kind (if they are simple) . It’s high in calories, but who cares… you gotta live once in a while.


For the dough:

1 kg 300 g cottage cheese
4 eggs
6 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons semolina
4 tablespoons sugar
1 vanilla sugar

For the crumbs:

3 tablespoons butter
8 tablespoons crumbs
6 tablespoons granulate sugar


In a bowl mix cheese, salt, eggs and sugar.  Add the flour, semolina and vanilla sugar and mix everything till you have a dough.

To prepare the crumbs, put the butter to melt in a pan and when is done add the crumbs and let it on the fire till is golden (2-3 minutes). Stir all the time  When is done take the pan of the fire, add the granulate sugar and mix it. Put the crumbs on a plate.

Put water in a pan with a pinch of salt to boil. Meanwhile, start doing papanasi. (which are some balls of dough of 4 cm diameter ). Put papanasi in the water and boil them 7-8 minutes covered and then, stop the fire and leave them covered for another 5-6 minutes. Semolina in them  will swell and they will be very tender.

Cover papanasi in crumbs and serve them hot with any kind of marmalade or jam. I use wild fruits jam, because is a little bit sour and goes great with all the sugar. Enjoy!


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62 thoughts on “PAPANASI – Romanian dumplings with cheese

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  2. I love desserts & also am so into keeping my body balanced to never have health problems like I did when I was growing up. That was a problem & always had sugar to get me fired up when starting with blood sugar problems & being low. I really have made a lot of changes & still enjoy good desserts. I am trying to make this recipe of Papanasi which will be a stimulant for later on & helps when taking it with me to our home buffets we have in our neighborhood.
    thanks for reading my post on Depression: How To Recover & following my health blog.

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  5. I’m so happy to have discovered your blog and the Romanian recipes you share here. It brings back happy memories for me. Years ago, I spent a month in Romania (mainly in Costisa, Piatra Neamt and Bucharest). What I remember about the cuisine is a lot of meat being served at every meal, which isn’t how I normally eat so it was an adjustment. Anyhow, there were many good meals and fun memories and I can’t wait to try making these Papanasi. Now I’m off to see all your other recipes.

  6. Reblogged this on Brooksie Buzz and commented:
    Let’s talk Romanian cuisine. That’s not something you see much of here in the Chicago area where I’m hanging out these days. I spent a month in Romania several years ago and was recently reminded of that time after coming across a blog sharing Romanian recipes. This one for Papanasi caught my eye. One look at the photos of these Romanian dumplings and I’m sure you’ll feel the same too. So here’s a reblog of Cooking without Limits’ Papanasi recipe. Enjoy!

  7. As a cheese maniac, this sounds like the ultimate dessert. But does boiling really work? Can’t be as nice as fried, I suppose. The crispness, the hot cheese… yum! I will give it a try. Thanks. Love the mouth watering photos.

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